Saskatchewan Advocate

A Voice for Children and Youth

Corey O’Soup currently serves as Saskatchewan’s Advocate for Children and Youth.  He was appointed on August 3, 2016, and assumed the position on November 1, 2016.   Corey becomes the province’s first Indigenous Advocate.

Corey has had an extensive career working on behalf of children and youth in his roles as an educator, Senior Policy Analyst for the FSIN, Provincial Superintendent for the Ministry of Education, Senior Manager for the Alberta Ministry of Education, Executive Director for Education/Post-Secondary Education and Training for the FSIN and as the First Nations and Métis Advisor for the Ministry of Education.  In the role of First Nations and Métis Advisor, Corey took the lead on the government’s response to the fatal shooting at a school in La Loche in January 2016.

As the Advocate for Children and Youth, Corey’s priorities will be to find ways to reduce the number of First Nations and Métis children and youth in care and to improve mental health services in Saskatchewan, especially in the north where he has promised a special report on the issues surrounding youth suicides.

Corey was born and raised in Saskatchewan, and is a member of the Key First Nation.  Corey and his wife, Jacinda, have five children.