Fairness Investigations

The Advocate for Children and Youth believes that just as adults have access to fairness investigations through the Ombudsman, children and youth are entitled to the same right. Therefore, we are committed to undertaking fairness investigations that may arise where the decision, action or ommission of the Government of Saskatchewan is:

  • Unreasonable
  • Contrary to law
  • Oppressive
  • Improperly discriminatory
  • Based on a mistake of law or fact
  • Wrong

Essentially, a "fair process" requires that the child or youth affected is:

  • Aware that a decision will be made.
  • Aware of the information that will be considered when the decision is made.
  • Given an opportunity to provide his or her own information and to challenge the information in the decision-maker's hands.
  • Notified and provided with reasons for the decision.

Further, a "fair process" requires that the decision-maker is:

  • Basing decisions with consideration of all relevant information and nothing irrelevant.
  • Unbiased.

Recent Reports

In the Matter of EJH and KGH Administrative Fairness Investigation Report